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Calcium & Magnesium Boost

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For pregnancy

For postpartum

Calcium is an essential nutrient regardless of your fertility status, but when you’re pre- or post-natal, it’s particularly important.

In your prenatal, Calcium ensures that your baby’s bones develop and the mineral supports your own skeletal health—did you know that if you don’t consume enough Calcium during pregnancy you could be at higher risk for osteoporosis later in life? In the third trimester your baby’s bone development peaks and they need about 250 to 350 milligrams from you every day.

Postpartum, your body needs increased Calcium for a full year to support lactation, blood pressure, muscle function, blood clotting, the nervous system and hormone production (whew!). Pairing Calcium with its mineral BFF Magnesium helps to ease anxiety and muscle tension.

Make sure to take this one separate from your prenatal or postpartum vitamins to ensure that the Calcium doesn’t get in the way of Iron and Folic Acid Absorption.

This product will be discontinued after December 31, 2023. Stay tuned for our new Cal Mag Vitamin D product coming soon!

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    If your diet lacks dairy or Calcium-rich foods or if you’ve been advised to take additional calcium due to other health factors, you may need an additional Calcium boost to ensure you’re getting the heightened requirements you need during the prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum periods.

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    Dr. Orli GoldbergM.D., CCFP
    Dr. Kathryn DundasM.D., CCFP
    Dr. Dan NayotM.SC., M.D., FRCSC
    Dr. Daniel KreichmanM.SC., M.D., FRCSC (OBGYN)
    Dr. Michael HartmanM.SC., M.D., FRCSC, GREI

    I highly recommend Bird&Be prenatal supplements to all my patients who are trying to conceive. They provide a personalized and convenient approach, which makes their prenatals more efficient and enhances patient compliance.

    I'm thrilled for patients to be able to access higher and more effective doses of key ingredients than I've seen in other prenatals - three cheers for choline and CoQ10!

    Having an evidence-based approach to fertility-focused supplements is a key component to optimizing success, and it’s great that Bird&Be’s scientifically-backed prenatals are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they’re seeing a fertility specialist.

    Bird&Be has hit all the right marks for prenatal and preconception care. They’ve removed the guesswork from patients' supplement regimes, while emphasizing dose education and including usable, active ingredient forms.

    Personalizing the formulas based on the individual's needs makes Bird&Be's supplements much more effective, especially for those who require a much more intensive regimen to support conception.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    V. (Simcoe, CA)
    Love the added boost!

    I am a big believer in the power of Magnesium, so I knew I wanted to add these to my prenatal order. Very easy to take, love the convenience!

    Janine (Broadview, US)
    Makes a huge difference

    Adding this to my the postnatal vitamins has made me feel even better, while healing postpartum

    Kristee (Ennis, US)
    Added boost to my prenatals

    I need Magnesium in my life. It helps with my digestion. I was hesitant to take just any, so I was happy to find this boost pack through Bird & be. I feel confortable knowing they recomended it with the prenatals. I take one in the morning and the other at bedtime. It's so convienent to just tear off a pack.

    Taylor Lindenbach (Calgary, CA)

    Absolutely love these vitamins. Bird&Be has manufactured this product to be idiot proof with a dispensing box, number packages and of course proper labeling. The Subscription Portal is easy to use when making changes and the customer service is phenomenal. These pills have not been harsh on my stomach at all, I take the Prenatal Essentials after breakfast and the Calcium / Magnesium Boost before bed as suggested.