We take care of the details so you can take care of yourself

Ingredients your body can absorb

Not all nutrients are in forms that your cells can put to use right away, and your genetics and lifestyle habits could make it harder for you to convert them for absorption. Unlike many competing brands, we include active forms of vitamins, such as preformed Vitamin A and B Vitamins (Folate, B5, B6, B12). These ready-to-use nutrients can “walk in” to your cells and start working right away.

Third-party tested

From what’s inside to the capsule exterior, each part of our supplements gets tested by independent labs for heavy metals and lead, yeast, mold and bacteria. Our capsules and softgels are made in GMP facilities that are site-licensed and FDA-registered. And all of our supplements are licensed by Health Canada—this provides an added layer of oversight, seeing that licenses aren’t required for vitamins in the United States. Our NPN numbers are included on our ingredient lists.

Less plastic waste

We package our supplements into daily sachets inside a monthly cardboard box—an approach that cuts household clutter and waste. The total weight of the plastic used in our sachets each month is less than the weight of one plastic vitamin bottle. If you’re taking our Power Prenatal instead of buying the eight bottles it’d take to match the ingredient doses, you’re saving five pounds or more of plastic waste per year. When you consider all the people trying to conceive, those savings add up to keep plastic out of landfills.

More convenience, lower cost

Buying bottles of supplements separately—and running out at different times—is a pain. We pack everything you need into a daily sachet that makes it easy to stick to your routine and saves you money. If you’re taking The Power Prenatals, you save almost half the cost compared to buying the various bottles you’d need to match the formula. Subscribe to adjustable monthly deliveries to save an extra 10 percent and make sure you never run out.