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At-Home Tests

Ovulation Tests

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 for 10 tests

For trying to conceive

Timing is everything.

Leaving things to chance can be fun—but also inefficient. With over 99.9% accuracy, our Ovulation Tests predict when you’re about to ovulate. From there, you’ll know to get busy if you’re trying to conceive. Suspect you might not be ovulating? These strips can help you get a clearer picture so you know when to call up your doc.

P.S. Customers love our reusable, collapsible collection cup (sold separately).

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    Ready to take the test?

    We’re here for you every step of the way. Follow along with our handy testing guide

    Open the testing guide

    Why we are the best

    Over 99% accurate*
    Budget-friendly price
    Ten tests per box so you don't miss your fertile window
    Less plastic waste than traditional ovulation predictor kits
    Add-on reusable, collapsible cup

    What you may be asking yourself right now

    When should I start testing?
    Take your average cycle length and subtract 16 to get the cycle day you should start testing on. So, if your cycle is usually 26 days, you’ll want to start testing on cycle day 10. Don’t know your average cycle length? Want to double-check your math? Not sure how to count cycle days? Visit our handy testing guide for a full breakdown
    Where can I get help interpreting my results?
    Tracking ovulation can be a little confusing at first. We want you to feel confident and in control, so we’ve created a guide that shows you how to take the test and then walks you through the results and next steps. Visit the guide
    What makes Bird&Be’s Ovulation Tests an eco-friendly option?
    Chances are that you’ve now learned that getting pregnant isn’t necessarily as easy as high school sex-ed class made it seem. It can take many cycles, each with many ovulation strips. And if you think about how many people are trying to conceive at any given moment (there are almost four million births per year in the U.S. alone), the waste adds up fast. Plastic wands and digital tests aren’t a sustainable option. Our smaller strips limit what ends up in a landfill so that we can all make better choices for the planet.
    I’ve been using the basal body temperature (BBT) method to track ovulation. Does this test replace BBT?
    A spike in your basal body temperature tells you that ovulation already happened. This is good for confirming that you ovulated, but not too helpful to time intercourse, insemination or ovulation. Bird&Be’s Ovulation Tests predict when ovulation is about to occur, which is key if you’re trying to get pregnant.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    Anonymous (Sanford, US)
    Absolutely the best

    I was hesitant to try, but was persuaded by many tiktok influencers. Though I had positives from multiple brands 10DPO, the Bird and Be one was the darkest. I’m saving my last one for my first BFP. I also got the OPKs and was pleasantly surprised with how well they worked and clear they were to read.

    V. (New York, US)

    Glad I ordered these. I have been tracking my ovulation through BBT for over a year now so I was pretty confident in timing my fertile window/ovulation, but having these tests made it crystal clear when I would ovulate. Added confidence in your cycle is never a bad thing when TTC.

    Chris Z (Toronto, CA)
    Better than any other strips!

    These strips are the most accurate strips I’ve used. I was trying for 6 months using other ovulation brands and nothing was happening. After using these for one month, I got pregnant. I’m convinced these are the reason I was able to properly time ovulation. I compared it to the other brand I was using previously and they were totally different results! Do yourself a favour and buy these so you can know when you’re ovulating.

    Elleigh (Valparaiso, US)
    Best ovulation tests EVER

    Hey, so I just found my peak using the bIRD&be ovulation test and I compared it to my easy at home tests that said I was days away from a peek. I LOVE BIRD&BE

    Brittany M. (Nelson, CA)
    10/10 - Love these!

    I will never not buy ovulation and pregnancy tests from Bird & Be. They were easy to use, thorough instructions, great packaging and no issues with them. It was clearly detected when I was ovulating and the card to put all of your tests is a great addition. Excited to use the pregnancy tests when the time comes