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Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost

Essential Vitamins

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For postpartum

For pregnancy

For trying to conceive

An iconic trio—loved by researchers for every stage of the journey.

A comprehensive boost that supports fertility (for females and males!), fetal development, postpartum recovery and more.

  • Contains an easy-to-absorb, vegan form of Vitamin D3, which is linked with improved pregnancy rates, lower miscarriage rates, and fewer pregnancy complications
  • Includes wonder-worker minerals Calcium and Magnesium—essential for fetal development and cardiovascular health
  • An extra dose of key nutrients to help you reach your daily needs when paired with any of our preconception, prenatal or postpartum formulas
  • HSA/FSA-eligible

🕐 Give yourself three hours between taking the Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost and any of Bird&Be’s preconception, prenatal or postpartum supplements so that it doesn't interfere with Iron absorption. 

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Full list of ingredients

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Best Value

    What makes it special

    • 30 daily packs to simplify your routine
    • Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D bring big benefits for all stages of the journey—and they work even better when taken together
    • High-quality bioavailable ingredients (that means they're ready for your body to use) at just the right doses
    • Free of gluten, dairy, shellfish, yeast, artificial colors, dyes, and preservatives
    • HSA/FSA-eligible

    Is this product for you?

    This product is beneficial for people (both males and females) who are trying to conceive, are pregnant or are postpartum. Truly a superpower combo!

    Have a hard time deciding? Give our quiz a try to be matched with the best prenatal for you.

    Why we are the best

    Formulated by fertility specialists
    Daily convenience packs
    Ready to absorb ingredients
    Gluten-and major allergen-free
    Optimal doses

    All the benefits

    Trying to Conceive
    Vitamin D has been linked to higher ovulation and pregnancy rates in those with PCOS and may provide benefits to ovarian reserve markers like AMH. Plus, having solid Magnesium levels directly impacts how much energy is available to create good-quality eggs (and sperm!), while both Calcium and Magnesium are linked to increased sperm motility.
    Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D are all essential to keep your baby’s skeleton growing strong. And—eek!—if you don’t have enough Calcium, the fetus will meet its needs by drawing from your bones, leaving you at risk down the road.
    Postpartum Recovery
    After pregnancy, labour and delivery, you’ll need more Calcium for energy production, muscle function, and cell protection. Vitamin D provides immune support, to help keep you healthy during challenging times.
    Overall Better Mental Health
    Lean on Magnesium to help to keep cortisol levels under control and get better sleep, and Vitamin D to help ward off feelings of depression as you’re trying to conceive, pregnancy and postpartum.

    All the good stuff in it

    Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D (x4)
    Inside each capsule, you’ll find a blend of Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D. They’re all served up in optimal forms for your body to absorb, so you can get max benefits to your reproductive (and overall!) health, from supporting positive pregnancy outcomes to newborn health. We’ve split the goods up into capsules so that they’re easier to swallow than a big chalky tablet. That way, we can pack in more goods to support you through every stage of the journey.
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    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    What you may be asking yourself right now

    Is this product right for me?

    This trio is a safe and effective product for all healthy adults, and is especially beneficial for those who are trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum. Since most of us are Vitamin-D deficient, supplementing helps to ensure we’re meeting the minimums we need, especially since it’s hard to get from the sun and our diets. Calcium and Magnesium are key minerals that support all stages of reproductive health, with many benefits outside of fertility, too. The bonus? Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D complement each other when taken together, giving your overall health a welcome and super-effective boost.

    When can I start taking these supplements and for how long?
    You can take the Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost throughout your fertility journey, from preconception through to postpartum and even beyond—getting enough of this trio is important for your overall health, too.
    I’m not pregnant, postpartum, or trying to conceive. Can I still take these supplements?
    Yes! Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium are all nutrients the body needs to function properly, even if your fertility isn’t top of mind. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get the recommended daily values we need from diet or sunlight alone and supplementation is a great way to ensure your stores don’t get low.
    When should I take the Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost?
    We recommend taking the Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost in the evening (and at least three hours away from Iron-containing supplements and thyroid medications to avoid absorption issues). Magnesium helps ease anxiety and muscle tension—making it ideal for your bedtime routine.
    Can I take the Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost with my other pills?
    Give yourself three hours between taking the Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost and other Iron-containing supplements, including any of Bird&Be’s preconception, prenatal or postpartum supplements. This is because the Calcium in the boost can interfere with Iron absorption. It’s best to space out Calcium from thyroid medication too (and you can always check with your doctor or pharmacist for any other meds you may be wondering about). We like to take this in the evening, as the Magnesium can help with sleep.
    Is the Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost vegan?
    Yes! From the ingredients inside to the capsule itself, all parts of the Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost are vegan.
    What’s the difference between the new Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost and the old Calcium + Magnesium Boost?
    You guessed it from the name—we added Vitamin D! The Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost has the same amount of Calcium and Magnesium as the previous formula, plus it now has 1,000 IU of vegan Vitamin D3. There’s mounting research (and excitement!) around the benefits of Vitamin D for fertility, so we wanted to make it easy for you to get an extra dose. We added it to this boost because, while Calcium is best taken apart from other nutrients like Iron, it pairs perfectly with both Vitamin D and Magnesium—in fact, all 3 work their best when taken together.You might also notice it’s now 4 capsules. We divvied up the goods so that they’d be easier to swallow. Calcium is notoriously a toughie, especially when it’s in a big chalky tablet. Our small capsules solve that—because what good are the very best nutrients if they’re too hard to take? As always, we’re here to give you research-backed ingredients in easy, convenient forms.
    What does Vitamin D do and why do I need so much?
    Vitamin D is essential for immune support and bone and cardiac health—and that’s even before we get to the fertility and pregnancy benefits. Unfortunately, about half of North Americans are deficient in the vitamin, and it’s hard to get what you need from sun or food alone. That’s where supplementing comes in. The Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost has 1,000 IU of Vitamin D, covering the official doc-recommended daily value. And because many doctors and studies recommend daily doses up to 2,500 IU to benefit reproductive health and correct the deficiency many of us have, we recommend taking this product plus any of our preconception, prenatal, or postpartum supplements, which also contain 1,000 IU. That way, you can get a total of 2,000 IU daily, which is an effective dose yet safely within both the U.S. National Institute of Health’s and Health Canada’s tolerable upper intake level of 4,000 IU.
    Can I take this product if I'm taking other medication?
    If you have any concerns about medication, consider consulting your healthcare practitioner before use. We suggest spacing out your supplements from medication by at least three hours. For product specific warnings, please visit our ingredients overview page, click on the product you're interested in to read the full ingredients panel, recommended use and warnings.

    What the experts say

    Dr. Orli GoldbergM.D., CCFP
    Dr. Kathryn DundasM.D., CCFP
    Dr. Dan NayotM.SC., M.D., FRCSC
    Dr. Daniel KreichmanM.SC., M.D., FRCSC (OBGYN)
    Dr. Michael HartmanM.SC., M.D., FRCSC, GREI

    I highly recommend Bird&Be prenatal supplements to all my patients who are trying to conceive. They provide a personalized and convenient approach, which makes their prenatals more efficient and enhances patient compliance.

    I'm thrilled for patients to be able to access higher and more effective doses of key ingredients than I've seen in other prenatals - three cheers for choline and CoQ10!

    Having an evidence-based approach to fertility-focused supplements is a key component to optimizing success, and it’s great that Bird&Be’s scientifically-backed prenatals are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they’re seeing a fertility specialist.

    Bird&Be has hit all the right marks for prenatal and preconception care. They’ve removed the guesswork from patients' supplement regimes, while emphasizing dose education and including usable, active ingredient forms.

    Personalizing the formulas based on the individual's needs makes Bird&Be's supplements much more effective, especially for those who require a much more intensive regimen to support conception.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Shelaine (Victoria, CA)
    Like it alright

    I miss the amount of magnesium in the previous supplement package. Only 50 mg now. I do like the addition of vitamin D though.

    Hi Shelaine,

    Thank you for your review!

    We now list ingredients based on doses per capsule versus per serving. The contents should be exactly the same but the ingredient reporting will be per capsule versus per sachet. It is still a total of 200 mg magnesium!

    Katrina Foo (Mississauga, CA)

    It has been good. Packaging can be improved as the package is difficult to open

    Rachel (Hellertown, US)

    I feel an increase energy and overall positive sense of self. It has given me the boost I need emotionally as well as physically. I take it in the am.

    Cinthia Martinez (Glendora, US)

    Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D Boost

    Eda (Toronto, CA)
    The Best!

    I can't say enough good things about this Cal/Mag/D vitamin! Not only is it incredibly effective, but it's also so easy to swallow, making it a hassle-free addition to my daily routine. Since I started taking it, I've noticed a significant increase in my energy levels throughout the day. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to boost their energy and overall well-being!