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Gentle Prenatal Gummies

Prenatal Vitamins + DHA

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For pregnancy

 Loved by OB/GYNs—and sweet tooths, too.

Pregnancy nausea getting in your way of taking prenatals? Our gummies pack all the essentials (two forms of Folate, Choline, Vitamin D and more), plus a higher dose of B6 to help with morning sickness. Oh, and did we mention it tastes like sour candy? 

  • Delicious sour peach-mango flavor
  • Formulated by doctors with Folic Acid, Methylated Folate, Choline, DHA and more
  • Easy on the stomach—and with nausea-fighting support
  • 30-day supply
  • HSA/FSA-eligible

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Full list of ingredients

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    What makes it special

    • Formulated to combat nausea with high B6, citric acid, no Iron, and non-fishy DHA
    • Sour-sweet flavor that makes getting the essential vitamins you and baby need tastier than ever
    • Vegan formula with natural flavors and organic sugars; free of gluten, dairy, shellfish, yeast, artificial colors/dyes and preservatives
    • High-quality bioavailable ingredients (that means they’re ready for your body to use) at just the right dosages
    • HSA/FSA-eligible

    Is this product for you?

    Females and people with eggs and/or a uterus who either:

    • are pregnant and have trouble swallowing or keeping down capsules, or
    • are pregnant and experiencing nausea, or
    • are pregnant and prefer gummies to capsules

    Have a hard time deciding? Give our quiz a try to be matched with the best prenatal for you.

    Why we are the best

    Formulated by fertility specialists
    Daily convenience packs
    Ready to absorb ingredients
    Gluten-and major allergen-free
    Optimal doses

    All the benefits

    Eases Pregnancy Nausea
    Combats queasiness with 40 mg of Vitamin B6 (a key ingredient in morning-sickness meds) and no Iron (which can make nausea worse), plus a delicious flavor so you can actually take (and keep down) the nutrients you need.
    Neural Tube Support
    Folic Acid is proven to support healthy brain and spine development, and we also include Methylated Folate (5-MTHF), the active form that your body can put to work without any extra conversion steps. Our hybrid Folic Acid + 5-MTHF formula is one of a kind.
    Fewer Pregnancy Complications
    Vitamin D has been linked to lower miscarriage rates and better pregnancy outcomes. We include easy-to-absorb, vegan Vitamin D3 in our formula.
    Brain Development
    Choline deficiency can cause mutations in DNA repair, and you need more than usual while pregnant to support the brain-building blocks for fetal development.

    All the good stuff in it

    Gentle Gummy (x4)
    Each gummy contains a hybrid of Folic Acid and Methylated Folate (5-MTHF, the active form of Folic Acid) along with Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Choline to support fetal brain, spine, and nervous system development. You’ll also find Vitamin D which helps reduce pregnancy complications and supports the immune system, and Vitamin K2 which supports fetal bone development. To help combat pregnancy nausea, we’ve increased the amount of B6 (it’s a main ingredient in morning-sickness meds). And when you take 4 gummies per day, you’re getting everything you need to support a healthy pregnancy.
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    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    What you may be asking yourself right now

    Are the Gentle Prenatal Gummies right for me?

    This comprehensive yet easy-on-the-stomach prenatal is a great option for all pregnant people, especially if you’re dealing with severe nausea. You can take it all the way through pregnancy, or switch to The Prenatal Essentials if your queasiness lets up and you can get a few more nutrients in (like Iron, which we skipped in this formula because it’s a toughie when you’re nauseous).

    How is this different from The Gentle Prenatal?

    We developed the Gentle Prenatal Gummies with our nauseous customers in mind. We gave it a delicious taste (like candy, we promise) and adjusted the formula to suit sensitive stomachs. Both formulas offer our amped-up dose of Vitamin B6 (used in morning sickness meds) and, for the gummies, we added citric acid to help with digestion. To make sure the formula is easy on the stomach, we also lowered the doses of Vitamin B12 (but you’ll still get more than the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for pregnancy and lactation), Vitamin C (you’ll get 75% of the RDA and this one’s easy to boost through your diet), and DHA (if you can stomach walnuts and flaxseed or fortified juice, this can help increase your intake). And we removed the Iron—a popular request from our nauseous customers.

    When it comes to essential nutrients for you and your babe, both formulas cover the recommended amount of Folate (through both Folic Acid and Methylated Folate) needed in early pregnancy, and the amounts of Choline, Iodine, and Vitamins D are unchanged.

    And of course, the main difference you’ll notice is the delivery system. Where The Gentle Prenatal is in pill form (3 daily), our Gentle Prenatal Gummies are (predictably) gummies (4 daily). They’re easy on the stomach and extra tasty—perfect for when keeping things down is hard.

    Do I need to pair the Gentle Prenatal Gummies with other prenatal vitamins?

    Nope! The Gentle Prenatal Gummies can be taken for as long as needed, as you can be assured that you’re receiving the essential nutrients that your reproductive system needs when you’re dealing with nausea. You can get more nutrients later through The Prenatal Essentials for Females when your stomach is more settled!

    It’s important to note that this is an Iron-free prenatal. Some people find tolerating Iron tough in early pregnancy, but doctors do recommend that Iron levels be tested throughout pregnancy and that you’re supplementing (especially in the third trimester when Iron requirements are higher) as needed. Our Gentle Prenatal and Prenatal Essentials each include 27 mg of Iron, so when your nausea subsides, you can switch formulas to get the mineral.

    Why does Bird&Be Gentle Prenatal Gummies have two forms of Folate: Folic Acid and Methylated Folate (5-MTHF)?

    Folic Acid has been proven to prevent neural tube defects in large-scale clinical studies, so everyone should be on the minimum amount set out by the CDC and Health Canada. However, for those that may not process Folic Acid effectively, and given that many people do not know their gene status, we’ve ensured that we provide more than enough of the active form 5-MTHF as well, so you’re covered from both sources, and are still within the standard dose of 1,000 mcg of Folate per day total (or 1,670 mcg DFE (dietary folate equivalent)).

    Are the Gentle Prenatal Gummies vegan?
    Yes! This is a fully vegan formula, including the vegan DHA (sourced from algae oil).
    Are the Gentle Prenatal Gummies sugar-free?
    No, this formula contains organic sugar, naturally derived from tapioca and cane.
    Are the Gentle Prenatal Gummies naturally flavored?
    Yes! We use natural organic peach and mango flavors for this tasty supplement.
    How many gummies should I take per day?
    To get the full dose of daily nutrients, you’ll need to take 4 gummies per day—which is pretty great given how delicious they are.
    Are prenatal gummies as good as pills?
    Yes, and in some cases they can be better—as long as you’re picking a great formula. A few studies suggest that gummies have a higher bioavailability than capsules (chewing and saliva lead to quicker digestion). But, we often see fewer vitamins and smaller doses in gummies than their capsule counterparts, and gummies tend to have added sugar. Bird&Be Gentle Prenatal Gummies has the essential nutrients you need in pregnancy and less of (or none of) the vitamins that are hard to keep down. It’s also made with organic sugar—a win for your body and your tastebuds.
    What prenatal vitamins do doctors recommend?
    The best prenatal is the one you’ll *actually* take daily. The Gentle Prenatal Gummies are delicious, so taking them is the easy part, but we also made sure that they contain all the essentials to support a healthy pregnancy, too. If nausea is making it hard to take (or keep down) your prenatal vitamin, switching to a gummy—even temporarily until your nausea lets up—may be the answer.
    Should I take all 4 gummies at once or space them out throughout the day?
    You can take them all together or space them out if you find it easier to snack on them throughout the day. Either way, you’re getting what you need on a daily basis.
    How fast does it ship?
    We hustle orders out of our facility, generally the next business day. Shipping times vary by carrier and location, but are typically between 2 to 8 business days in Canada and 3 to 7 business days in the United States. If you need it sooner, we offer expedited shipping, too.
    Why is this more expensive than the Gentle Prenatal?
    Unfortunately, gummies are much more expensive to produce than capsules, and we’ve used premium, natural, and organic ingredients to ensure the taste is top notch while you’re in the most sensitive stage of pregnancy.

    What the experts say

    Dr. Orli GoldbergM.D., CCFP
    Dr. Kathryn DundasM.D., CCFP
    Dr. Dan NayotM.SC., M.D., FRCSC
    Dr. Daniel KreichmanM.SC., M.D., FRCSC (OBGYN)
    Dr. Michael HartmanM.SC., M.D., FRCSC, GREI

    I highly recommend Bird&Be prenatal supplements to all my patients who are trying to conceive. They provide a personalized and convenient approach, which makes their prenatals more efficient and enhances patient compliance.

    I'm thrilled for patients to be able to access higher and more effective doses of key ingredients than I've seen in other prenatals - three cheers for choline and CoQ10!

    Having an evidence-based approach to fertility-focused supplements is a key component to optimizing success, and it’s great that Bird&Be’s scientifically-backed prenatals are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they’re seeing a fertility specialist.

    Bird&Be has hit all the right marks for prenatal and preconception care. They’ve removed the guesswork from patients' supplement regimes, while emphasizing dose education and including usable, active ingredient forms.

    Personalizing the formulas based on the individual's needs makes Bird&Be's supplements much more effective, especially for those who require a much more intensive regimen to support conception.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    SC (Etobicoke, CA)

    I have been having terrible morning sickness and gave up on my prenatals - however these are delicious and don't make me nauseated. One suggestion would be to have more flavours (like sour cherry or apple?) - having different flavours also helps with nausea.

    L.D. (Wilton, US)

    I wasn’t necessarily dealing with morning sickness but I would feel queasy after taking my vitamin pack. These gummies are delicious!! I’m so excited to give these a try!

    Meghan H (Boise, US)
    These saved the day!

    I have been very nauseous and struggling to get my prenatals down every night. I happened to check back on the site this week and was SO excited to see a gummy version packed with incredible nutrients for my baby! I was nervous if it would actually taste good but oh my gosh it’s truly like candy! I am SO happy to finally have a solution during these nauseous weeks especially.

    A. (Trenton, CA)

    Omg I could not be more excited than when I got an email that gummies were going to be coming out!! After dealing with extreme nausea and the inability to keep my other prenatal vitamins down (feeling extremely sick after taking) .. this is a life saver! I can finally relax knowing I’m getting all the vitamins I need while still feeling great after!


    Not nauseous after taking! Yay!