How To Help Someone Going Through a Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss

How To Help Someone Going Through a Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss

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When a close friend or loved one experiences a pregnancy loss, it can be hard to know what to do, especially if you haven't experienced a miscarriage yourself. What you can do, is lead with empathy and let the person experiencing the miscarriage that you are there for them—however they need you to show up.

To help you, we created these shareable and printable cards that do the heavy lifting so you can understand what a friend might need and to let them know you care. Right-click to download, then print them off (or digitally share) for a quick and non-verbal way to show your support.

A simple and empathetic note for someone suffering a miscarriage

a note to send somebody who has suffered a miscarriage

A checklist that someone suffering a pregnancy loss can use to communicate what they need

how you can help somebody who has suffered a miscarriage

Here's what not to say to someone going through a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. 

We know you mean well, but these phrases aren't helpful and minimize the emotions that someone suffering a loss may be feeling.

  • "At least you were able to get pregnant."
  • "Better now than later."
  • "Everything happens for a reason."
  • "Have you thought about adoption?"
  • "It wasn't meant to be."
  • "Be grateful for what you have."

Resources for those suffering a miscarriage or pregnancy loss

We recommend only passing along information if the person suffering the loss or going through a miscarriage requests it. Not everyone will want to seek out help or data right away and it's important to respect everyone's process of grieving and healing. But, if your loved one wants additional information on pregnancy loss, they can learn more here: