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The Gentle Prenatal

Prenatal Vitamins + DHA

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For pregnancy

Take it easy when you're feeling queasy.

Feeling queasy? Focus on the essentials now—Folic Acid, Methylated Folate (5-MTHF), B6, B12, DHA, Iron, Vitamin C, Choline—and save the rest for when your stomach settles. Bonus: a higher dose of B6 does double-duty by supporting fetal development while also preventing nausea for you (it’s actually a main ingredient in morning sickness meds). These top-quality ingredients are loaded up in just-right doses to support you and your babe.

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Full list of ingredients

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Best Value

    What makes it special

    30 daily packs to simplify your routine—just one sachet a day

    Formulated to get you all the key nutrients to support pregnancy without worsening your nausea

    High-quality bioavailable ingredients (that means they’re ready for your body to use) at just the right dosages

    Vegan formula free of gluten, dairy, shellfish, yeast, artificial colors/dyes and preservatives

    HSA/FSA Eligible

    Is this product for you?

    Females and people with eggs and/or a uterus who either:

    • feel nauseous from prenatals, or
    • are experiencing nausea during pregnancy

    Have a hard time deciding? Give our quiz a try to be matched with the best prenatal for you.

    Why we are the best

    Formulated by fertility specialists
    Daily convenience packs
    Ready to absorb ingredients
    Gluten-and major allergen-free
    Optimal doses

    All the benefits

    Brain Development
    DHA from algae oil is an important Omega-3 Fatty Acid that gets tapped into big time for fetal brain development (and for eye and nervous system development, too!).
    Neural Tube Support
    You always hear about the importance of Folic Acid to support healthy brain and spine development, but we also include Methylated Folate (5-MTHF), the active form that your body can put to work without any extra conversion steps. Our hybrid Folic Acid + 5-MTHF formula is one-of-a-kind.
    Oxygen Boost
    A growing babe gets its oxygen via red blood cells, so it’s crucial to get enough blood-building Iron (and its absorption-booster bud Vitamin C).
    Enhanced Energy
    B-Complex vitamins have a direct link to energy levels—and you’ll need all the pep you can get while big things are happening in your body.

    All the good stuff in it

    Gentle Essentials (x1)
    Stick to the essentials if early-pregnancy has you feeling queasy (you can get the rest later when your stomach is more settled). This small capsule delivers big benefits. A hybrid of Folic Acid and Methylated Folate (5-MTHF, the active form) plus Vitamin B12 support neural tube development while Iron and its absorption-boosting bud Vitamin C build up red blood cells to deliver oxygen to your growing babe. We’ve included B6 to help with the nausea, too.
    Algae Oil DHA (Omega-3) (x1)
    Every cell in your body needs this Omega-3 Fatty Acid, but it’s not something you produce naturally and many diets fall short. During pregnancy, you need even more DHA because it gets used up fast for fetal brain, nervous system and eye development. Our DHA comes from algae oil so there’s no fishy aftertaste.
    Iron (x1)
    This easy-to-absorb form of Iron helps your blood transport oxygen, and it’s gentle on the stomach, too. When growing a babe, your volume of blood increases, and your baby uses your red blood cells to grow and develop. So, you need more Iron and vitamins to make those extra red blood cells. You can start building a stockpile of them even before you conceive. Taken before and during pregnancy, Iron supplements are key to helping prevent anemia. They also lower your odds of needing a blood transfusion at delivery, as well as the chance of having a very small baby. You’ll be helping your baby’s Iron levels too, as little ones are more likely to develop anemia in their first year if their birthing parent had iron-deficiency anemia.
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    What you may be asking yourself right now

    What makes the Gentle Prenatal different from all the others?

    The Gentle Prenatal is designed for sensitive stomachs and offers all the essential nutrients you need to support your fertility journey or pregnancy without having to worry about queasiness. One sachet includes supplements with key essentials like Folic Acid, Methylated Folate (5-MTHF), Vitamin B12 (all of which support neural tube development), Iron and Vitamin C. As well, this prenatal comes with one vegan DHA capsule to increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, without the fishy aftertaste!

    Fun fact: Our DHA is derived from algae. Algae is the original source of DHA and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid - another omega-3 fatty acid). Many supplements are made with fish oil because fish feed on algae, or eat other fish that consume algae. We’re taking our omega-3s right from the vegan source (and offering a more sustainable choice as a result!)

    Do I need to pair The Gentle Prenatal with other Prenatal vitamins?
    Nope! The Gentle Prenatal can be taken for as long as needed, as you can be assured that you’re receiving the essential nutrients that your reproductive system needs. You can get the rest later through The Prenatal Essentials for Females when your stomach is more settled!
    Why does this product say ‘for females’ instead of ‘for women’? Can I take this if I don't have eggs but I'm pregnant?

    However you identify, our products are named for your biology, not your gender. The Gentle Prenatal is inclusive of all individuals with eggs and/or a uterus who are preparing or trying to conceive, or for those who are already pregnant.

    Have a specific question about our products? Connect with us at and we can help match you with the right products for you and/or your partner.

    Can I take them all at once?
    Yes! It is safe to take them all at once, after a meal, three hours before or after other medication. In the morning, afternoon or at night.
    Are these pills easy to swallow?
    Yes, the Gentle Prenatal capsules are easy to swallow. The capsules are about 2.2 centimeters in length and 0.7 centimeters in width, designed especially for sensitive stomachs. Added bonus: Our DHA is derived from algae oil so there’s no fishy aftertaste!
    Is The Gentle Prenatal vegan?
    Yes! The Gentle Prenatal is vegan.
    What does B12 do and why do I need so much?
    You might’ve noticed that our formula’s 1 mg of Vitamin B12 is well above the amount that’s typically recommended per day in pregnancy. But there are good reasons for that! First, it’s important to understand how crucial B12 is in pregnancy. Along with its better-known counterpart Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 helps keep homocysteine from building up. That’s crucial because high levels of homocysteine have been linked to neural tube defects, pregnancy loss, preterm delivery, restricted fetal growth, preeclampsia and other cardiovascular complications.

    Unfortunately, it can be hard for your body to get enough B12 without a little help. In your diet, you can only get it from animal products, and your absorption can be affected by certain autoimmune conditions or even just taking antacids.

    Because it’s so critical for pregnancy (and before, so that you can build up enough stores by the time the neural tube develops in early pregnancy!), it’s important to cover your B12 bases with a prenatal supplement. There’s no set upper limit for Vitamin B12 nor is there an established toxic level, but our naturopathic doctors suggest that optimal levels should be much higher than the recommended daily allowance. That’s why we pack 1 mg of a bioavailable form of Vitamin B12 called Methylcobalamin in The Prenatal Essentials for Females, The Power Prenatal for Females and The Gentle Prenatal. Learn more about Vitamin B12 on The Nest.
    Can I take this product if I'm taking other medication?
    Consult your health care practitioner prior to use if you're taking medication. We suggest spacing out your supplements from medication by at least three hours. For product specific warnings, please visit our ingredients overview page, click on the product you're interested in to read the full ingredients panel, recommended use and warnings.

    What the experts say

    Dr. Orli GoldbergM.D., CCFP
    Dr. Kathryn DundasM.D., CCFP
    Dr. Dan NayotM.SC., M.D., FRCSC
    Dr. Daniel KreichmanM.SC., M.D., FRCSC (OBGYN)
    Dr. Michael HartmanM.SC., M.D., FRCSC, GREI

    I highly recommend Bird&Be prenatal supplements to all my patients who are trying to conceive. They provide a personalized and convenient approach, which makes their prenatals more efficient and enhances patient compliance.

    I'm thrilled for patients to be able to access higher and more effective doses of key ingredients than I've seen in other prenatals - three cheers for choline and CoQ10!

    Having an evidence-based approach to fertility-focused supplements is a key component to optimizing success, and it’s great that Bird&Be’s scientifically-backed prenatals are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they’re seeing a fertility specialist.

    Bird&Be has hit all the right marks for prenatal and preconception care. They’ve removed the guesswork from patients' supplement regimes, while emphasizing dose education and including usable, active ingredient forms.

    Personalizing the formulas based on the individual's needs makes Bird&Be's supplements much more effective, especially for those who require a much more intensive regimen to support conception.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 83 reviews
    Lily (Durham, US)
    A lifesaver!

    This prenatal really gave me my sanity back. It’s so gentle and still carries the vitamins you need, it’s the only one I recommend for anyone struggling with nausea. I love it!

    Kyrie R. (Parker, US)
    Love these!

    This is the first time I have ever taken a prenatal and not been nauseated by it. I am SO glad I found these!! I plan to share my experience with any of my soon to be pregnant mamas in my surrogacy group

    Elizabeth A (Detroit, US)
    Absolutely love!

    I have been subscribed to bird & be for a few months now. I love the gentle prenatal. It is easier on my stomach and the size of the pills are easier for me to take. I have never once had an upset stomach taking these. I'm so glad I found this brand!

    Anonymous (North Vancouver, CA)
    Love It!

    Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about my experience with these prenatals. Not only was I impressed with the level of inclusivity within Bird&Be’s website, the prenatals themselves have been exactly as I expected. I have problems with taking iron supplements so I messaged them on instagram and I got a response within hours with two different options for me that would work. I ended up with the gentle prenatal and haven’t had a single problem with them! I even have started taking the iron pills with no issues at all. 100% would recommend!

    xs (Delta, CA)
    The Gentle Prenatal

    I was on a different brand of prenatal but was struggling to take them nightly due to the fishy aftertaste/burps even though i had chosen the mint flavouring, not to mention the cost was a bit high..

    I chose this prenatal because I had heard alot about it, not to mention it was Canadian. I loved the gentle option as I am already taking an iron supplement outside of my prenatal routine. I didnt want to feel ill as i sometimes do. So far its been awesome with no gross aftertaste!