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How to read your results

What those lines mean


No LH surge: A light or non-existent test line means that no LH surge has been detected. Keep testing!


LH surge: This positive results means ovulation is on its way - within 12 to 36 hours.

How LH progresses day by day

If you're testing over the recommended five days (or until you see a positive), you'll likely see your control line get darker each day. This is your LH rising. Once it peaks, you'll see a positive result, which is indicated by a test line that's the same color as the control line or darker.

My results dont look like this

Examples of LH surge during a 28-day cycle

In this example, the LH surge begins on cycle day 12. It continues to increase for two days, until it hits its peak on day 14. Within 36 hours, the egg is released (ovulation!), which means the best time to have sex/inseminate is daily or every other day from day 12 to day 15.

When to have sex/inseminate while trying to conceive?

Once you ovulate, the egg only has a short window (about 24 hours) to be fertilized before it dissolves. On the other hand, sperm can live in the fallopian tubes for a few days, so it makes sense to have sperm ready and waiting for the egg to arrive.

Once you get a positive test, you can expect to ovulate 12 to 36 hours later. If you're trying to get pregnant, that lead-up window is a perfect time to have sex or inseminate. If intercourse/insemination isn't too stressful or difficult, we recommend it for two days in a row. If you only have one opportunity for insemination or to have intercourse, aim for after 12 hours but before 36 hours of the LH surge detection.

Other signs of ovulation

To get the best understanding of your cycle, we recommend a multi-pronged approach to tracking

Cervical mucus
Check toilet paper, your underwear or with a gentle sweep of a clean finger. Once it gets clear, wet and stretchy (similar to egg whites), it signals that ovulation is on the way.

Your period
An easy way to confirm you ovulated? Your period should show up about two weeks later. Although the pre-ovulation part of each person's cycle can vary, the luteal phase (the part after ovulation) is rather consistent at roughly 14 days.

Basal body temperature
Another way to confirm that ovulation happened: your resting temperature should spike afterwards. You'll want to monitor its pattern throughout your cycle with a precise thermometer first thing when you wake up.

What if I don't see the control line?

Something must've gone wrong. Read through the instructions again then repeat the test with a new strip. If you're still not seeing a control line, please make a note of the lot number and let us know at hello@birdandbe.com.