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How to read your pregnancy test results

Decoding those little lines that can mean so much

We know how stressful squinting at a test can be, so here are a few things to keep in mind first:
  • No matter what you see on your test, know that it doesn't define your worth. *Deep breaths* You've got this.
  • The strip can show up to two lines: the control line is the one that's closest to the patterned end, and the test line is the one below that.
  • You'll want to read your test between five and 10 minutes after taking it. Beyond that window, you may see an evaporation line which isn't the same as a positive.
  • All results should be confirmed by a doctor, especially when making decisions about future medical care.

How accurate is the pregnancy test?

Our Early Results Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate when taken on the day of your expected period. The amount of hCG (the pregnancy hormone that the test detects) increases as pregnancy progresses.

What does your test result look like?

Select the image that looks most like your strip