Reflecting on two embryo transfers as I prepare for my third

Reflecting on My First Two Embryo Transfers as I Prepare for My Third

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“Watching the screen as the doctor placed the embryo in my uterus was quite the marvel—science is amazing.” Bird&Be’s Dani Wade shares her experiences with two embryo transfers.

Name: Danielle Wade
Role: Social Media and Community Manager at Bird&Be
TTC since: 2018
Diagnosis: Poor egg quality
Bird&Be product: The Power Prenatal for Females
History: Unexplained infertility for five years and then diagnosed with poor egg quality in 2023. Two failed IUIs in 2020, two egg retrievals in 2022, two failed FETs in 2022 and a chemical pregnancy in 2023.
Best piece of advice: This journey can be all-consuming and emotionally taxing so try and let go of what you can't control and take it all one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

How did you prepare for your embryo transfer?

Leading up to my first transfer, I was working full-time at a stressful job where I hadn’t disclosed that I was in IVF. I took the full week of the transfer off so I could ease into the big day and hopefully have a stress-free week after. I was careful to take all my meds as scheduled during my first round and tried my best to get a full night’s sleep each night. I had an intralipid infusion seven days prior to my transfer and tried to eat a more balanced diet. I quit coffee six months prior and decreased my alcohol intake as well. I took prenatal vitamins and levothyroxine daily. I also drank pomegranate juice and ate Brazil nuts daily for a few weeks leading up to transfer and continued after and started eating pineapple core after as well.

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By the time my second transfer came around, I was burnt out. It was during the busy holiday season, and I was trying to get through it all one day and one medication at a time. We completed the EnomeTRIO testing the cycle prior and made protocol changes according to the results. I had an intralipid infusion seven days prior to my transfer again. I drank pomegranate juice daily, ate Brazil nuts daily, and took Bird&Be The Power Prenatal for Females, daily.

Reflecting on two embryo transfers

What did you do the night before and the morning of your embryo transfer? 

The night before each transfer, I hung out at home with my husband and enjoyed a relaxing evening watching TV. My second transfer was in the afternoon, so I was able to sleep in a little and take my time getting ready. The morning of, I took a walk with my husband and pup and ate breakfast. Then I drank 32 oz of water (within 15 minutes) an hour before my appointment.

How were you feeling before the transfer? 

The first time, I was a little nervous and worried but mostly super excited. It was a seven-month process getting to this day and I wanted everything to go well. I read my instructions over and over to be sure I didn’t miss anything. My second transfer, I was calm and ready. I didn’t really worry. I had been there, done that, and just wanted it all to work!

What happened when you arrived at the clinic?

We checked in 30 minutes prior to our transfer time and took a seat in the waiting area. I had a really hard time holding my bladder both times. I had to urinate so badly my eyes were watering. But I was determined to hold it all in. At the scheduled time, they called my name, checked my identification bracelet and confirmed my identity. They guided my husband and I to a room where I undressed from the waist and put on a gown and shoe covers over my socks. Travis (my husband) had to wear a gown over his clothes and shoe covers as well as a hair net. For our first transfer, we had to wear masks. My second transfer we did not have to wear masks.

What were you feeling directly before your transfer?

Excited and hopeful.

What were you feeling during your embryo transfer?

I always experience pain with catheters, so I felt some discomfort during the process. I tensed up quite a bit but was reminded to relax and was able to do so. I took a Valium one hour before my appointment time so that helped. Emotionally, I was in awe. Watching the embryologist pick up our embryo and place it into a catheter, and then watch the screen as the doctor placed the embryo in my uterus was quite the marvel. Science is amazing.
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Were you given any indication of the success of the transfer? 

Both times my doctor said it went perfectly.

What instructions were you given for post-embryo-transfer care?

Modified bed rest the day of and day after transfer, I was instructed to stay restful and relaxed. And no sexual activity during bed rest. I needed to limit caffeine to one to three cups per day and avoid alcohol and nicotine, keep my heart rate at or below 140 bpm and avoid hot tubs. I was also instructed to increase my water and fiber intake and eat a healthy, balanced diet. No Ibuprofen, Aleve, or Naproxen. And stay close to home until at least the seven-week OB appointment.

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How were you feeling post transfer? 

I felt hopeful and excited. Then tired for the next few days—I slept a lot. I did daily symptom-tracking after the first transfer and noted them in my phone. For the second transfer, I didn’t track but noticed significantly less symptoms overall. Both cycles, I felt super anxious the day before the beta test. I doubted everything and stressed that the transfer failed.

What follow-ups happened post-transfer? 

Progesterone level was checked via blood draw three days post transfer, beta level was drawn 10 days post transfer.