What is uterine factor infertility?

What is Uterine Factor Infertility and How Do You Treat It?

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If you have ovaries and are experiencing infertility, you may receive a diagnosis of uterine factor infertility. Here’s what that means.

An embryo, whether it was fertilized and formed in the body or via IVF, needs a healthy uterine lining to implant and grow in. There are many reasons why an embryo might not be able to implant properly:

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What is the typical treatment for those with uterine factor infertility who wish to conceive?

Treatments for uterine factors will depend on the cause. For example, cases of endometritis or abnormal uterine microbiomes often require antibiotics followed up with probiotics. If fibroids are present, your fertility options will depend on the size and location of the fibroids. Some may require surgical removal, others may require hormonal medication use for a few months to try and suppress or shrink fibroids.