What to expect at your embryo transfer

What To Expect at Your Embryo Transfer

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If you're undergoing IVF, the embryo transfer is a big day. You're likely feeling nervous and excited—but you might not know what to expect if this is your first one. We asked our team (including patients and a naturopath) to share their experiences on embryo transfer day so you can go into your own with as much information as possible. Everyone's experience will be different, but hopefully reading a few real accounts will help put you at ease as you prepare.

What to expect at your embryo transfer from a naturopathic doctor's perspective

What to Expect at Your Embryo Transfer from a Naturopath's PerspectiveDr. Sarah Zadek, naturopathic doctor answers some of your frequently asked questions about embryo transfer and shares some crucial dos and don'ts. "If you notice no symptoms at all, or it feels like nothing is happening, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean the transfer didn’t work." 

What to expect at your embryo transfer from a patient's perspective

My First Embryo Transfer as Someone with Unexplained InfertilityShannon Gallagher answers questions about her first embryo transfer, including how she prepared. “My clinic laid it all out, but actually experiencing it is another thing.” 

Reflecting on My First Two Embryo Transfers as I Prepare for My Third“Watching the screen as the doctor placed the embryo in my uterus was quite the marvel—science is amazing.” Dani Wade shares her experiences with two embryo transfers.

My Fourth Embryo Transfer Finally Worked“Because this was my fourth transfer, we were in let’s do anything and everything, mode.” Breanna Hughes has had four embryo transfers, so she’s well-versed in transfer protocol.

What happens after your embryo transfer?

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