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The Power Prenatal for Females
Katie (Windsor, CA)

My husband and I used the power prenatal for eggs and sperm after trying to conceive for 10 months. We got pregnant the very next cycle. Sadly that pregnancy ended in miscarriage so we continued to use the vitamins and ended up pregnant again 2 weeks later. Cannot recommend them enough! Especially if you're over 30 like us! I'm now in my second trimester with our rainbow babe :)

So convenient but not only that….

I am usually late in writing reviews or forget to write them completely but this review is one I just could not forget to write. We were recommended to Bird&Be from our fertility clinic and from the start- I had only good things to say. Their packets are super convenient- everything is all in one place, just slip it in your bag and go. I feel healthier when I take them and also rarely skip my pills now because I don’t have to sit there and prep them for the week. Whenever I send an email with a question or concern, it is answered super quickly as well. Unfortunately, as many of you know- the fertility journey isn’t always smooth sailing for everyone and I had a miscarriage recently. Its been a really difficult time as this was my first pregnancy and it ended so unfortunately. I contacted Bird&Be to let them know I have to switch formulas (from the Gentle Prenatal back to the Power Prenatal). They were so kind and supportive and even sent me a “one step at a time” box. They managed to make me smile during such a dark, difficult time and I am so grateful for that, it’s something I’ll never forget. Thank you guys so much once again for the care you provide and for reminding us that things will eventually get better. Sometimes thats all we really need to hear and feel.

The Power Prenatal for Females
Sarah S. (Loveland, US)
Pregnant with PCOS!

I've been trying to conceive about two years. Got diagnosed with PCOS last year. I found Bird&Be from tik tok actually. Decided to give it a whirl. I was taking the powerful prenatal & loved it, every other prenatal made me nauseous. These actually gave me energy as well! I got my first box at the end of DEC 2022 & I got my positive pregnancy test on 1/29/23! I truly believe Bird&Be helped me conceive. I will continue to use their regular prenatal, absolutely love their products!

The Power Prenatal for Females
Syri (Saskatoon, CA)

My husband & I suffered through two miscarriages for the last two years. This summer my husband & I started the power prenatal and were pregnant by September. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant & going strong. I have now switched over to the prenatal for female! I am so thankful for these vitamins & can’t wait for our rainbow baby to arrive in June! Thank you so much for helping our dreams come true! :)

I discovered Bird&Be after having a missed miscarriage that i found out about at 12 weeks with my first pregnancy. As a biologist who is used to approaching problems in my professional life by searching for data driven solutions, my way of dealing with it was to dive deep into researching whether there was anything I could do to increase the speed at which I got pregnant again (it took us 9 months the first time), and to reduce the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities, which id learned are the most frequent cause of first trimester miscarriages. I wound up stumbling upon "it starts with the egg" by Rebecca Fett and learned that so much of the fate of a pregnancy is based on processes that take place in the development of eggs and sperm up to 3 months before conception, and having enough of certain nutrients can help ensure everything develops properly. Bird&Be's approach is largely informed by the research reviewed in this book, so I decided to give the Power Prenatal a try. After 4 months I was pregnant again. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and have switched over to the Prenatal Essentials. Everything suggests that this pregnancy is progressing well and baby and I are healthy. My doctor commented on my excellent iron levels during my first trimester blood work, which i suspect i have the prenatal at least partially to thank for because despite my desire to get as many nutrients as i could from my diet, at that point the only food i could stomach was yogurt, fruit, and salt and vinegar chips! It's impossible to know for sure how much my choice of prenatals influenced the positive outcomes so far with this pregnancy, but I feel better knowing that I took steps that were within my power to improve my likelihood of having a healthy pregnancy, and it's validating that things are going well.

The Power Prenatal for Males
Nathan Hudson (Fort McMurray, CA)
Worked good!! We pregnant AF

Convenient packages were easy to deal with as I could just throw it in my pocket and have them once I had breakfast etc. I had taken two sperm count tests and failed both and as a man I was crushed. Started taking these and next time I tested my count I was good to go and we conceived later that month.
That was my experience,
Nate ✌🏻🇨🇦

The Power Pack (with boost!)

I’m seriously in love with these vitamins. My partner and I are both about 40 (he’s 40, I’m 39 and a half haha) and we have decided to start a family. I suggested that we both take vitamins, and like the honey of a guy he is, he sat down with me to research what we would each need. He actually found Bird&Be and we were both really excited about how it contained everything we had read would benefit us on this journey, all in one pack. It’s truly one of a kind! We were getting overwhelmed trying to piece it all together, or disappointed by other brands that all seemed to have missing nutrients. Bird & Be has it all. And I honestly feel incredibly supported knowing that my partner is on the journey with me - it hasn’t just become my job to remember to take my vitamins, but it’s something we are doing together for our future child. It’s now our ritual to ask if the other remembered to take their vitamins, and I think it’s a huge turn on for him too (he feels like he’s powering up and contributing and taking care of me/his family - the ultimate male ego boosts!). Anyways, I’m just grateful, and hopeful! I can’t wait to update everyone with good news when our time comes!

Great pack!

I was a bit overwhelmed with supplement recommendations after 2 miscarriages and the power pack is such an easy way to get what you need. I got pregnant two weeks after starting them and have my first fetal heartbeat!

Love it

I just started the prenatal’s and I ovulated for the first time naturally EVER

The Power Prenatal for Females
Nicole (Vancouver, CA)
Helped us conceive!

My husband & I were trying to convince for months, a month after starting this we got pregnant! Love this product, easy to use & super convenient.

The Power Pack for Females and Males
Miranda (Las Vegas, US)

My husband & I decided to bite the bullet & order the Bird&Be prenatals for my husband & I. We knew it was more expensive for prenatals, but compared to fertility treatments?! SO. MUCH. CHEAPER. So we thought, WHY NOT?! We bought the prenatals & started taking them during my May 2022 cycle. Not even a full month later, we got our BFP! Bird&Be was the only new thing we had tried that month & we truly believe that they are the reason.

I have recommended to SO many people to try Bird&Be. I am so unbelievably happy, we saved thousands of dollars because Bird&Be was able to give us our BFP instead of costly fertility treatments.

Pull the trigger, JUST BUY THEM! Add them to your cart right now & buy!!!! I am so unbelievably happy & blessed.

Thank you Bird&Be! <3

The Power Prenatal for Females
Cher Lee (Burnaby, CA)
Everything you need!

I recently became pregnant with my first baby, one month after turning 40. Had been taking another vitamin at the start of trying but switched to the Power Prenatal and got our positive test within 4 months! I truly credit this product with helping to get my body in the right place to conceive- for the first time in my life since starting them, my iron and B vitamins levels were strong where I’d always been deficient!

Have since switched to the Gentle Prenatal to continue through pregnancy. I can’t say enough about this brand, thank you for creating these products x

The Power Prenatal for Females
Amaris (Pendleton, US)

Before Bird&Be, I’d fiddle through several different bottles of vitamins each morning and I’d count to make sure I had ‘em all. I love that your daily vitamins come pre-packaged; it’s convenient and saves me so much time each morning.

The Power Prenatal for Females
Kate (Bowmanville, CA)
Love this brand

Love how easy they make it to take everything you need in one little packet. I started using these 7 months ago and am now 6 weeks pregnant. Planning to switch that essential prenatal now.

The Power Prenatal for Females
Farzana (Dhaka, BD)


The Power Prenatal for Males
Shannon (Chicopee, US)

My husband loves them, has shared how good he feels after taking them. We conceived after 2 months of taking them after a year of TTC!

The Power Prenatal for Females
Lindsey (Scottsdale, US)
Great vitamins

So far so good. My only complaint is some are large in size & I tend to struggle with those types of pills. I’d rather have the option to choose more pills at a smaller size

Amazing product and service!

I ordered them for my daughter in law. They have everything you need. They best part is her journey is a very difficult one and the response to my email asking what I should order was so fast and so caring and guided us correctly. But also they made sure we checked with her doctor. He was very impressed with the vitamins. She never had an upset stomach as most prenatal ones caused issues. She had energy and appetite. Unfortunately our journey has not ended the way we wanted but these vitamins have been amazing. And we will use them again. This company truly cares about what men and women have to deal with during these difficult journeys. I highly recommend

The Power Prenatal for Females
Sabrina M (Beaconsfield, CA)
Amazing prenatal

I’ve been taking this prenatal for a little over a month now. I had a miscarriage in December and have had a difficult time returning to a “normal” cycle for me. The first month in, my cycle was back on track. Since December, I would ovulate late and have a very short luteal phase and after the first month of taking this prenatal, I had my longest luteal phase in months and now in my second month, my cycle is even more back to what I’m used to and hoping that helps to get pregnant! I couldn’t recommend this enough!!

At-Home Sperm Test
Wayne (Tallmadge, US)
Outstanding customer service

We had trouble with the first test. The second one worked. My wife emailed you and you were outstanding and sent another test kit. Thank you

Best prenatal on the market!

It’s so exciting to find a product that has the vitamins needed to help on our fertility journey. The ease of the monthly subscription is an added bonus! Definitely recommend The Power Prenatal (for eggs) to all IVF and TTC sisters.

This is everything to an infertility warrior!

I've struggled for years with taking multiple supplements on top of all of my IVF medications. So many bottles of pills to organize and orders to keep up with, not, to mention the $$. These sachets are saving me money, time and best of all keeping me organized which is just one less thing to stress over during an IVF cycle. I really don't have a single bad thing to say about this company and their product. I am also a back country camper and this is the PERFECT solution to bringing supplements on a trip where every ounce of weight you can save makes a huge difference.

The Power Prenatal for Females
Ashley (Garden City, US)

OMG I'm 35 years old and have struggled with getting pregnant my whole life! I started taking the power prenatal pack in May of 2023 it is August of 2023 and I'm pregnant 🤰 I know that God is to get all the glory and I do believe that taking my vitamins daily helped along the way.

Gave me my hormones back

I am convinced that Bird&Be Power Prenatal very positively affects my hormones. I’m 31 years old and planning on TTC in the next 6 months. I was on Mirena IUD until 2021, and initially went on it when I was about 25 years old because my periods were insane (9-11 days long with heavy clots, and sticky brown “BBQ sauce” blood) and my iron was so low I had to get weekly injections.
Since coming off Mirena, my periods seemed normal, but I did a deep dive into fertility and the Fertility Awareness Method - mainly by tracking my BBT. But, I work shift work and it was very hard to figure out my charts. A few months ago I invested in the TempDrop arm band and it was the best thing I’ve done - but I did notice that my charts seemed a bit off from what I’ve read is optimal. My temperatures were lower than ideal (95-96 in Follicular and low 97 in Luteal) and I wasn’t normally seeing a clear temp spike when I was supposed to be ovulating. Plus, my cycle was short (typically 24 days) and my bleeds were short (4-5 days) and lighter than I thought to be ideal. All of this lead me to think that I was experiencing some hormonal issues. I dove into a few more Fertility books (It Starts With The Egg Rebecca Fett) and read that the supplements in Bird&Be prenatal were all suggested for optimal fertility/hormones. I was thinking it would take a few months for me to see a difference - but I’ve been taking these packets (almost) daily for the past two months and have already seen a huge difference in my cycles. My bleed was a bit longer and heavier (which is good considering I was worried about my uterine lining being too thin!) and I saw a clear rise in temperature in my luteal phase. I could even pinpoint my ovulation for both cycles, whereas before my temperature would be rising and falling constantly. I’ve also noticed that my temps are higher (high 96 or low 97 in follicular, high 97 or low 98 in luteal), I feel more energetic throughout the day, my cervical mucus quality has improved, and my cycle was slightly longer (26 days).
Honestly even if you’re not trying to get pregnant, these are fantastic supplement packs for supporting women’s hormones.

The Power Prenatal for Females
Sierra (Cedar Park, US)
Just started

Just started less than a a month. Taking because I need to be on vitamins before egg retrieval. This company offered the most bang for buck and all in one stop. Still alot of pills to take but none the less. Suggest to not take on an empty stomach and drink something other than water helps take the bitterness of taking so many pills. If everything works out ill be back.