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5 Tips for Meditation While Trying to Conceive

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Meditation can be an enlightening and helpful way to reduce stress, deal with anxiety and increase oxytocin—all of which can help on your road to pregnancy. (Read more about the effects of meditation on fertility.) It's a practice that many swear by and an equal number are intimidated by—but starting to meditate doesn't need to be scary or time consuming. Here are five tips from Mindful in Minutes podcast host and meditation and yoga teacher, Kelly Smith on how to start incorporating meditation into your daily like and your TTC journey.

1. It only takes eight minutes a day

You can start to see the benefits of a consistent medication practice after only eight minutes of meditation per day. This includes improving the body's ability to deal with stress and anxiety, better sleep, decreased inflammation and encouraging the production of DHEA which has been shown to help with fertility.

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2. It can replace something that doesn't serve you

Don't think of meditation as adding eight minutes to your day. Instead, use this practice to remove eight minutes of something that doesn't serve you—like mindless social media scrolling before bed.

3. It takes practice

Just like other forms of exercise, meditation takes practice and distractions are normal. Coming back to focus when you're distracted is like weight training for your mind.

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4. You can meditate anywhere

The idea that meditation needs to be at home, in a quiet room, alone is untrue. Meditate wherever works best for you, even if that's in a doctor's office waiting room.

5. It's all about focus

To help centre yourself and keep distractions at bay, focus on your breathing, listen to a guided meditation or repeat a mantra.

Fertility mantra ideas:

  • I release fear and embrace hope
  • I am resilient and strong
  • I am surrounded by love and support
  • I trust my body; my body is capable