5 things to know about Bird&Be

5 Things to Know About Bird&Be

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Our co-founders Samantha Diamond and Breanna Hughes created Bird&Be because on their own journeys to conceive, they realized fertility care could be way better. So the pair brought together a team that includes both reproductive endocrinologists and naturopathic doctors to create the products and resources they had wished for. 

With every decision along the way, it always comes back to making the fertility, pregnancy and postpartum experience easier for you. Whether you've been with us from day one or are new to the Bird&Be family, here's what you can always expect from us:

We've been there too.

Fertility is nuanced. It's excitement; it's heartbreak; it's information-overload; it's tiring. As doctors and as patients and as hopeful people peeing on sticks, we've walked the journey too. And we’re here to make it better for you with information, products, and a few LOLs (because sometimes you need those too).

We obsess over the details.

Because you deserve to focus on what matters: yourself. Our products are intensely researched and carefully formulated. Our prenatals get you every nutrient you need, and in forms your body can absorb. Our at-home tests deliver ultra-accurate results affordably and easily. Fertility is like a secret second job. We’re here to lighten your load through convenience, quality and scientific-backing.

We're not down with wasting time.

You’ve got lots on your plate, so we do everything we can to make your life easier. Too busy to stay on top of your supplements? We pack your daily dose into a once-a-day sachet that's ready to go when you are—available as a subscription so you never run out. Want to get insights about your fertility sooner? Our at-home tests equip you with intel and help you advocate for earlier intervention if needed.

We're here for everyone.

There are many ways to make a baby and each scenario is unique. We break our products down by "female" (or, "for people with eggs") and "male" (or, "for people with sperm") so you can easily figure out what you need. We aim to always offer inclusive fertility care for every person, however you identify and whatever journey you're on.

We’re with you for every step of the journey.

We started with supplements to support you as you try to conceive and throughout pregnancy, and have since launched pregnancyovulation and sperm testsself-care sets; and, most recently, The Postpartum to help you through that fourth trimester. And of course, we’re here for all your questions with doctor-reviewed content on our blogpregnancy test guideovulation test guideInstagramTikTok and more. We’re rooting for you every step of the way.